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Wenche " Venka" Gazaille is from Norway and has over 15 years of experience from working as a travel consultant in USA and Norway. She loves to travel and is not afraid to take the family, husband and two kids on longer trips to explore new and exciting places in the world. The last trip they had was to Oman, Dubai and the Maldives where the whole family had an amazing first time traveling to the Middle East. In Oman they went to the goat market in Nizwa, sand boarding in the desert, visited a Bedouin family, swimming with sharks in Dubai, relaxed in the unbelievable beautiful Maldives and tried lots of different tasty food from the region. With two young girls who love Walt Disney World, Wenche has become a Disney Expert after visiting Disney at least 10 times. Wenche started traveling a long time ago and she has visited many countries in Europe (favorite country after Norway is Italy), Asia (loved the Grete Wall of China), South Pacific (favorite island Bora Bora), Caribbean (favorite island Turks and Caicos), South America (loved Brazil), Middle East (favorite country Oman), Africa (fascinated by Morocco), Central America (loved Panama City) and the US (favorite state after Massachusetts is California). Since she started working at Swain's Travel, she has always had a "top 5" places she wants to visit. Last summer they did some traveling in Wenches home country, Norway. The family was able to see the beautiful mountains, fjords, old Stave churches, walking on a glacier, traveling by train, bus, car, boat and plane. The kids also learn you always need to bring a hat and gloves traveling to Norway as they learned Wenches favorite Norwegian saying “there is never bad weather just bad clothing”. Trips in the future for Wenche and her family includes a trip to Croatia this summer before going to see family in Norway and hopefully a trip to Asia next winter. You can get in contact with Wenche by phone 508-228-3201 or via email at (attention Wenche)