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Cecile, our luxury travel specialist, travels to far away places has been her lifelong passion which she has pursued with vigor and delight. Her adventures have included over 20 cruises, many overland excursions and dozens of city visits everywhere in the world.

She has traveled to every country in South America, every country in Western Europe, almost every island in the Caribbean, Canada, Mexico, Russia, but most especially Asia; India, Thailand, Malaysia, Burma, Singapore, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Vietnam and China.

She has cruised from Santiago Chile around Cape Horn, to Rio De Janeiro, stopping in Puerto Montt, Patagonia, Ushuaia, Falkland Islands ending in Buenos Aires and from Miami through the Panama Canal and along the Pacific Coast of South America through the straights of Magellan and the Eagle Channel. She has cruised the waters of Asia revisiting for the fourth time Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam and China.
In addition she traveled to Cambodia, Laos, Bruni and Japan. She also took an exotic journey overland from Bangkok to Cambodia and again to Burma, the isolated Himalayan Buddhist Kingdom of Bhutan, Nepal, then to the districts of Rajasthan, Tamil Nadu and Kerala in India. That journey ended on the spectacular beaches of the Indian Ocean nation of the Maldives. Most recently she has revisited Caribbean destinations to experience new and classic luxury resorts and villas in St. Maartin, Anguilla, Nevis and St Barths which has become her very favorite Caribbean watering place.

She has been associated with the travel industry for over 35 years including 12 years in a part time capacity at Swains Travel. She loves to share her joy of exploration with clients who are planning a trip near or far, even to the ends of the earth.

Cecile can be reached via email or by phone at 508-228-320