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Judy, the newest team member at Swain’s Travel and a most Seasoned Traveler, recently retired from her job as Development Director at Morven Park in Leesburg VA and has spent over 35 years in Development in Higher Education, and various other nonprofits ; she is now learning the ins and outs of the travel business and loving it.

She loves to cruise and travel around the world and has been doing it since she was a child, when her grandfather was a Travel Agent. Judy spent many summers in Italy, with family. Since getting married she and her husband have become great cruise fans and have traveled around the world by cruise ships. In her life time she has visited over 60 countries and loves traveling around the South Seas. Judy has only missed traveling to 2 states in the USA, Alaska and North Dakota., which she hopes to visit soon.

Judy and her husband have just returned from a 52 days Cruise on the Queen Mary II going half way around the world following the route of many of the Whaling ship out of Nantucket, which has given her a new respect for those brave whalers.

Her favorite places to travels are Japan, Australia, and Italy, Key West FL and Scottsdale AZ.

You can reach Judy at Swains Travel 508-228-3201 or on her cell 508-221-1639

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