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Meet the Swain's Travel Staff


Sheila purchased Swains Travel in September of 1984. Since then, through her client-centered philosophy, travel expertise, and the destination knowledge of herself and coworkers the agency has grown and prospered in a very competitive business environment for over 30 years. 
She attributes the success of the agency to her belief in, and the practice of, placing client’s needs first as well as exceeding their expectations for service, travel and destination knowledge.  She enjoys working directly with her clients from the planning stages through to the clients’ evaluation of their travel experiences.

Sheila has traveled to many places…. by land, air, and sea.  She has cruised extensively with many different cruise lines to Alaska, the Panama Canal, Mexico Caribbean, and Greek Islands. She has enjoyed 3 Fabulous Barge Cruises, with a range of 4 to 20 guests on each Barge Cruise. The Barge trips have included the Loire Valley, Champagne Regions of France, most recently Provence. All were outstanding! Ireland, Scotland, England Wales are also on the top of her list, she cannot say enough of each destination and the people.

 Sheila has traveled extensively to Italy, particularly loving the Amalfi Coast, visiting the magnificent towns of Positano, Sorrento, Amalfi, as well as the Isle of Capri. She truly loved renting a Villa in Tuscany with friends and exploring the Tuscan Country side, with a visit to small towns and Vineyards. Not to mention, Rome, Florence, and Venice!!

 About every other October, Sheila organizes and personally escorts a group trip of her friends and clients who we call the “Gusty Ladies” to a new destination.  What seems to be the most popular with the “Gutsy Ladies “is European River Cruising the “Gusty Ladies” have cruised on the Danube & Rhine Rivers and the Amsterdam Tulip Time Cruise with AMA Waterways This is such a FABULOUS way to see Europe, with usually less than 100 guests on board. The attention to details, wonderful cuisine, exciting day trips visiting quaint villages and the castles along the rivers are just Spectacular! Some other destinations have included Cinque Terre, Portofino- Italy, England, Amsterdam, Paris- France, Scotland, Wales, and the Greek Islands Sicily just to name a few.

She has arranged and escorted trips for the Nantucket Historical Association to the Azores & New Zealand, and also a trip for the Maria Mitchell Association to the Galapagos Islands.

In the fall or winter season, Sheila has been known to head off to the Caribbean, Hawaii or Costa Rica. It is hard to say what Sheila’s favorite destination is as there are so many.

Sheila has achieved the highest levels of accreditation in the travel industry… including Master Cruise Counselor and Certified Travel Counselor.

She looks forward to helping you plan your next vacation. Feel free to contact her or stop by to meet her…  She welcomes your visit or email

 Phone: 508-228-3201

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Wenche " Venka" Gazaille is from Norway and has over 15 years of experience from working as a travel consultant in USA and Norway. She loves to travel and is not afraid to take the family, husband and two kids on longer trips to explore new and exciting places in the world. The last trip they had was to Oman, Dubai and the Maldives where the whole family had an amazing first time traveling to the Middle East. In Oman they went to the goat market in Nizwa, sand boarding in the desert, visited a Bedouin family, swimming with sharks in Dubai, relaxed in the unbelievable beautiful Maldives and tried lots of different tasty food from the region.  With two young girls who love Walt Disney World, Wenche has become a Disney Expert after visiting Disney at least ten times. Wenche started traveling a long time ago and she has visited many countries in Europe (favorite country after Norway is Italy), Asia (loved the Grete Wall of  China), South Pacific (favorite island Bora Bora), Caribbean  (favorite island Turks and Caicos), South America (loved Brazil), Middle East (favorite country Oman), Africa (fascinated by Morocco), Central America (loved Panama City) and the US (favorite state after Massachusetts is California). Since she started working at Swain's Travel, she has always had a "top 5" places she wants to visit. Last summer they did some traveling in Wenches home country, Norway. The family was able to see the beautiful mountains, fjords, old Stave churches, walking on a glacier, traveling by train, bus, car, boat and plane. The kids also learn you always need to bring a hat and gloves traveling to Norway as they learned Wenches favorite  Norwegian saying “there is never bad weather just bad clothing”.  Trips in the future for Wenche and her family includes a trip to Croatia this summer before going to see family in Norway and hopefully a trip to Asia next winter. You can get in contact with Wenche by phone 508-228-3201 or via email at (attention Wenche)

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Cecile, our luxury travel specialist, travels to far away places has been her lifelong passion which she has pursued with vigor and delight.  Her adventures have included over 20 cruises, many overland excursions and dozens of city visits everywhere in the world. 
She has traveled to every country in South America, every country in Western Europe, almost every island in the Caribbean, Canada, Mexico, Russia, but most especially Asia; India, Thailand, Malaysia, Burma, Singapore, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Vietnam, and China.
She has cruised from Santiago Chile around Cape Horn, to Rio De Janeiro, stopping in Puerto Montt, Patagonia, Ushuaia, the Falkland Islands ending in Buenos Aires and from Miami through the Panama Canal and along the Pacific Coast of South America through the straights of Magellan and the Eagle Channel.  She has cruised the waters of Asia revisiting for the fourth time Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, and China.
In addition she traveled to Cambodia, Laos, Bruni and Japan.   She also took an exotic journey overland from Bangkok to Cambodia and again to Burma, the isolated Himalayan Buddhist Kingdom of Bhutan, Nepal, then to the districts of Rajasthan, Tamil Nadu and Kerala in India.  That journey ended on the spectacular beaches of the Indian Ocean nation of the Maldives.  Most recently she has revisited Caribbean destinations to experience new and classic luxury resorts and villas in St. Maartin, Anguilla, Nevis and St Barths which has become her very favorite Caribbean watering place. 
She has been associated with the travel industry for over 35 years including 12 years in apart time capacity at Swains Travel.  She loves to share her joy of exploration with clients who are planning a trip near or far, even to the ends of the earth. 
Cecile can be via email or by phone at 508-228-3201

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After 16 years of living on Nantucket, and now residing in Vero Beach, Florida, Bobbi is an Independent Travel Consultant for over ten years for Swain’s Travel. Bobbi, after being bitten by the travel bug, has many years of travel and tourism experience.  She frequently journeys to Europe including numerous trips to Italy and France. Bobbie has become very fond of River Cruising enjoying the intimacy of small ships and thought her Prague to Budapest on the Danube River Cruise was just “Magnificent”!  Among other favorites travel destinations are Ireland, Portugal, and Spain.

Each fall, Bobbi, usually travels with her “Lady Friends” which allows her to experience a new destination each fall. Last year in September, Bobbi, traveled thru the Greek Isles’ on Windstar with a small group of 16 friends and clients and everyone had the most Fantastic trip!!!   This year in September Bobbi will be escorting a small group of women to Scotland and is already planning a Viking River cruise for September 2017 on the Rhine River. If you are interested in traveling on any of Bobbi’s personally escorted trips, please give her a call.

 If you want to know where to shop in Florence, where to buy Limoncello in Sorrento or for the best wine tasting in Tuscany give her a call at her home office 772-584-3182 or email her at

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Stan, has worked for Swains Travel for over 16 years part-time, wearing several various hats over the years! He is very flexible with his time and stops by whenever he's needed.

Last December, Stan went with a small group on a Seabourn Cruise from Santiago, Chile to Buenos Aires, Argentina with stops along the way including white water rafting in Chile, and Zodiac landings in Antarctica and South Georgia Islands.  Highlights included wandering around with the penguins in Antarctica, watching ice bergs over a mile long float by, whale sightings, a visit to the former whaling station at Grytvikken , as well as wildlife viewing ashore of the vast breeding colonies of various penguin species, albatrosses and other seabirds and mammals including fur seals and elephant seals.

In January 2016, he organized a group of ten people on a classic wooden yacht, the Grace, in the Galapagos through International Expeditions. Everyone had a wonderful trip and a fun experience. The shore excursion, dining and naturalist/guides were fantastic!!.

Past trips include an amazing cruise from Auckland to Sydney on a Seabourn Cruise and a Windstar cruise from St. Maarten that he thought had a great itinerary, including stops on Antigua and St. Barth's. 

The Wind Surf, hosts about 250 passengers, was recently renovated and has a nice, casual atmosphere. Who wants to wear a coat or tie in the Caribbean?

Stan is originally from Florida, where he has an 'occasional'  winter home. His favorite places to go include St-Jean-Cap-Ferrat in the South of France, which he tries to make at least twice a year. Recent side trips include Corsica, Sardinia, Portofino, Bellagio on Lake Como, and St. Remy de Provence for the Fête de la Transhumance.  Stan has also returned from Europe on the QM2.

His Favorite trips have included:: charter boat sailing along the Dalmatian Coast from Dubrovnik to Venice, bicycling from Prague to Vienna with Butterfield and Robinson, bare-boat chartering in the Virgin Islands, and visits to Eleuthera in the Bahamas.

He also maintains the Swains Travel web-site, helps out with technical issue, and assist with clients travel needs. So if you any questions, comments or suggestions about our new website, please email him .


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Judy, the  newest team member at Swain’s Travel and a most Seasoned Traveler, recently retired from her  job as Development Director at Morven Park in Leesburg VA and has spent over 35 years in Development in Higher Education, and  various other nonprofits ; she is now learning the ins and outs of the travel business and loving it.

She loves to cruise and travel around the world and has been doing it since she was a child when her grandfather was a Travel Agent. Judy spent many summers in Italy, with family.  Since getting married she and her husband have become great cruise fans and have traveled around the world by cruise ships.  In her life time, she has visited over 60 countries and loves traveling around the South Seas. Judy has only missed traveling to 2 states in the USA, Alaska and North Dakota., which she hopes to visit soon.

Judy and her husband have just returned from a 52 days Cruise on the Queen Mary II going half way around the world following the route of many of the Whaling ships out of Nantucket, which has given her a new respect for those brave whalers.

Her favorite places to travels are Japan, Australia, and Italy, Key West FL and Scottsdale AZ.

You can reach Judy at Swains Travel 508-228-3201 or on her cell 508-221-1639

Or email her at (attention Judy)

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Debra K, Klingsporn

A wash-ashore resident of Nantucket, my love affair with travel and new experiences began before I could walk when my family tent-camped everywhere from Padre Island National Seashore to the mountains of Colorado. I could build a blazing campfire before I knew my multiplication tables.

Adventuresome tent camping gave way to business travel, taking me across the country from New York City to San Francisco, Southern California to Washington, D.C., as young marketing and public relations executive within the publishing world.  
I've had opportunities to travel between Nairobi and the White Mountains in Kenya, Africa, as well as Austria, Germany, Switzerland, the Czech Republic. Along with my husband of nearly 40 years, we have traveled throughout Ireland (a personal favorite), the Aran Islands, Scotland and the unusual remote Isle of Iona, and are looking forward to adding Italy and France to our travel experiences soon.

Before joining the team of Swain's Travel, my professional background included more than 40 years in communications. Once I “semi-retired into motherhood,” I left corporate communications and moved into full-time writing, editing, and collaborating on more than fourteen books and countless articles published in print and online. I'm seriously addicted to knitting, love strong dark coffee, fine wines, and any opportunity to travel to new places. My last trip to Ireland was escorting five knitters and one photographer on a knitting tour of Southern Ireland, including visiting a working sheep farm and touring two of Ireland's historic woollen mills. 

I bring a creative, “can-do, make-it-happen” adaptability and enthusiasm to travel planning and I'm ready and waiting to help you plan your next big adventure! You can reach me at (ATTN Debra) or just call the office, 508-228-3201. 


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